About Us - Meet Carl Snook

I am retired from the furniture industry where I worked for 51 years, I was involved in all phases of furniture manufacturing from the design to the packaging and shipping and everything in between.

Most of my time was spent as a supervisor of the Sanding Department and the Carving Department, I carved by hand the master copies for the duplicating carvers.

I also worked as a draftsman using AutoCAD to make parts drawings for on the shop floor and was a programmer for the CNC equipment. This this was how i got interested in Computers

I became involved with the Internet when the internet was all text, I designed Staton Manufacturing Company Inc. first webpage and became interested in doing Web Page work and have been involved in Desining and Writing Web Sites for over 15 years.

I became involved with Weather while working for John Howard Beckenbaugh at the age of 14 and have been involved in keeping records ever since.

About Us - Meet Barbara Snook

I have been interested in weather most of my life, after Carl and I were married we join forces and started keeping weather records, we have been keeping our own records since about 1960 and have located records dating back to 1913 in the Boonsboro Keedysville Maryland area.

We are the weather reporters for the Herald Mail news paper in Hagerstown Maryland, and have been reporting the Weather for the Boonsboro Maryland area jor over 15 years.

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